What’s coming in 2014 from me?

A couple of things.

First up, February 1st Second Chance at Forever will be available in print. I’m super excited about this as it means I get to start my bookshelf of MY books.

Also in February will be the release of the 4th book in The Holiday Vermont series Second Chance at Passion. Ethan and Audrey’s story took me in a direction I wasn’t expecting but one I’m excited about. Writing it just about killed me, but it was so worth it for Ethan to get his HEA.

In August the last book in the Holiday Vermont Series comes out. This is Case’s book and so far it’s turning out to be a doozy. I’m only four chapters into the book and I have to tell you it’s gone in a direction I never expected and yet it’s perfect for these characters.

I’m working on a couple of new projects, that I’m hoping will come to something soon. I’m not going to say much about them, other than they are nothing like in the Holiday Series in regards to spiciness. In fact everything I’m working on is lot edgier and sexier than Holiday. I’m really excited about these as it means I get to flex my writing muscles.

So lots happening this year and I’m excited for all of it.

Written by Heather

Heather has been telling stories her whole life. On the urging of some friends she decided to share her stories with the world. Her first book Second Chance at Forever was released in February from Desert Breeze Publishing

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