Today we celebrate those men in our life who have been our father figure. Whether it’s our own dad, our father in law, our grandpa, or someone who stepped into that role because ours wasn’t there. With that in mind I decided to share with you Ryan from Second Chance at Forever’s first father’s day after being reunited with Morgan. This story takes place at the same time as Second Chance at Happiness. 

Ryan rolled over and snuggled into the warm back of his wife. After almost two months the knowledge that Morgan was his wife caused a warm glow to spread throughout him. He hoped he never lost that feeling. They’d worked to hard to get this point.

The four years they’d been apart a very bleak spot in his life. If it hadn’t been for his brother Ethan, his girls, Jayne and Kate, and the men on his team he wouldn’t have survived.

Morgan nestled back into him, cradling his morning erection. “Mmm, someone’s up early?”

Ryan didn’t bother to hide his laughter, “Someone is always up whenever you’re around.”

She rolled over so they look at each other, and hooked her leg over his hip, pressing into him. “Well then I think someone deserves to get his first Father’s Day present of the day.”

He kissed her neck, in the spot he knew drove her insane and swept his hand up her leg. “I agree. So what’s my present?”

She pushed him onto his back and straddled him, he locked his hands on her waist. Waiting for her to make her move. And his lovely wife had some moves. She began a sinuous dance above him, her hands raising her t-shirt up her torso, and over her breasts. She leaned forward and brushed herself across his chest before she began to slide down his body.

Ryan felt all of his brain cells shut off as his nerve endings fired to life. His last thought before his brain and body succumbed to seduction and moves of his wife were, “Best father’s day present ever.”

Ryan laid on the very rumbled bed and stared at the closed bathroom door. He was one very lucky bastard. A year ago he hadn’t known how different today would be knowing the little girls he thought of his as his own now called him daddy. In the past the girls had gotten them both Father’s Day presents but they said to Uncle Ryan and Uncle Ethan, he would take them out to get something for Ethan, and then Ethan would do the same thing for him.

The thought of his brother being alone today had him reaching for his cell phone. Ethan had been just as devoted to Jayne and Kate as he was, and if Ethan had married first he would be the one calling them dad. He opened his text messages and sent his brother, his twin, a message.

Happy Uncle’s day.

The response was immediate.

It’s Happy Father’s Day. I’m fine. Go be w/ your family.

He snorted, Ethan was delusional if he thought he could pull that I’m fine crap with him. His brother was far from fine. He also knew if he pushed Ethan would clam up and disappear into his work.

Did you call Dad?

Do I have a death wish? What did you send him?

Pictures of the kids in a grandpa loves me frame. You?

I win the Bonanza award. Got him Hoss’s hat.

Ryan sat up, holy-fucking-shit. Ryan had been trying for years to get that damn hat for his dad. The owner however wasn’t selling.


I have my ways. Give M and the K’s a x & o from me.

Ryan glanced at the bathroom door when it opened. “Did you know my jerk of a brother bought Hoss’s hat for our dad for Father’s Day?”

“Mmhm.” Morgan mumbled at him on her way to the bedroom door. She glanced at him over her shoulder, raking his naked body with her gaze. His body stirring back to life. “You have about ten minutes to get dressed before the kids descend.”

Ryan paused on the bottom step and listened to the laughter and conversation between Morgan and his kids. This was one of those moments he’d remember for the rest of his life. His first real father’s day. He took a deep breath and made his way towards the five most important people in his life.

He entered the kitchen, expecting to see breakfast to find instead coolers and blankets. “What’s this?”

Jayne looked up from where she was patiently tying Jaxon’s shoes. His little mother. She’d taken to having little brothers as if they’d always been there. It helped they let her. The novelty of older sisters hadn’t worn off.

“Daddy we’re going to the beach.” Dylan threw himself into his arms.

“We are huh?”

“Yep, great pop said we could have it all to ourselves.”

The coolers and blankets made sense. They were going to the coast for the day. Back to where it all started. He looked at Morgan, for the first time noticing what she was wearing. His Yale t-shirt she’d stolen and shorts. Memories of their week there crashed through his mind.

“If we’re going to the coast we’d better get a move on then.”

Four hours later Ryan looked down at the sleeping woman beside him. She was stretched out on the blanket, her head pillowed on his leg. When he’d left here five years ago he’d never imagined he was leaving not just his heart but his soul as well. Now he was back, it wasn’t the first time they’d been back. He’d surprised her for Valentine’s Day with a romantic night here, and they’d been married on this beach just a few months ago.

This time was different though. It felt right. Celebrating his fatherhood in the very place his beautiful boys were conceived, and where he was when his life changed and he became the parent to two tiny girls.

He turned his gaze to the shrieking children running at the edge of the water. Their laughter and happiness in the day made this the best father’s day. Their handmade cards and presents had been great, but it was having this day, this perfect summer day with his family that was the best present he could ask for.

He brushed a finger down Morgan’s cheek. That she’d know this would mean more to him than anything, showed him just how well she knew him, and loved him.

“Daddy come play with us.” Kate called to him. Looking at her smiling face he couldn’t deny her. He gently shifted Morgan’s head and joined his kids in playing in the surf.

Ryan closed the last bedroom door. All four kids were exhausted. Which meant bedtime took half the time it normally did. Something he was extremely grateful for as Morgan had whispered she had more present for him. It was in their bedroom.

He was hoping it was similar to her first present of the day. He walked into their bedroom, and stopped. The sight before him, had all the air in his body leaving, and all the blood in his body rushing away from his brain.

Want to know what Ryan’s last Father’s Day present is. Find out in Second Chance at Happiness available August 1, 2013. Ryan and Morgan’s story is available now.

Written by Heather

Heather has been telling stories her whole life. On the urging of some friends she decided to share her stories with the world. Her first book Second Chance at Forever was released in February from Desert Breeze Publishing

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