corned beefMr. Lire is half Mexican half Irish with a little Norweigen thrown in so we’ve always eaten a lot of Mexican food and some great comfort Irish dishes. The one dish he’d never tried before was corned beef and cabbage. His mom and sister had always made it so he’d never bothered. That is until one year he was watching The Today show and they had a chef from Ireland on talking great irish recipes. He shared his version of Corned Beef…Mr. Lire liked it so much he decided to try and recreate it. Now our sons HATED corned beef and cabbage and would gag it down. When Mr. Lire made this we had no left overs as they at it all.

In celebration of St. Paddy’s day this week I’m sharing his recipe.


Corned Beef (we normally get this from the grocery store with the season packet included)

3 Bottles of your favorite Guinness Beer (Mr. Lire says it HAS to be Guinness and to make sure it’s a dark larger)

I head of cabbage

6 carrots

1 cup of sour cream

1 TBSP butter

In either a dutch oven pot or crock pot place meat with the season packet and 2 ½ bottles of beer. Cook on med low until meat falls apart.

Once meat is done chop cabbage and carrots (slice these at a diagonal cut) in a sauce pan with the butter sauté carrots. Once the carrots are fork tender add the cabbage and rest of the beer. When the cabbage is fork tender (still has a bit of bite) add the sour cream and cook an additional 3 minutes.

Mr. Lire says the amount of butter and sour cream you use depends on how much cabbage you make.

We serve this with mashed red potatoes.

Written by Heather

Heather has been telling stories her whole life. On the urging of some friends she decided to share her stories with the world. Her first book Second Chance at Forever was released in February from Desert Breeze Publishing

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