One of the things I learned fairly quickly once I decided to become an “author” was that you need friends. I don’t mean the friends who are always there to lend an ear or shoulder. I mean you need writer friends. Friends who can read a couple of paragraphs and tell you “you need to rewrite this” or “no that plot twist isn’t going to work” or and this one is my favorite, “I love it, but what if you did this…” and BAM that plot issue you were having is gone.

I have been very lucky in that regards. As soon as I joined RWA I met another author who was in the same place as me when it came to our first book. She decided to go the self-publish way and I went with a publisher. But what I loved about her was we would meet once a week and chat about our books and what we were plotting and asking advice.

Since moving to a new state I have missed that. Don’t get me wrong I have a couple of really great friends who give excellent plot advice and really helped me with Second Chance at Happiness. But I have missed that author connection, that person who thinks in plot lines and can look at your series and go I like it, but what if you went this route. Lucky for me, once again thanks to RWA I have found that person.

The very best part of this whole writing/writer friends thing however is they become really good friends as well.

So if I was to give any aspiring author a tip it would be to join your local writing group and get yourself some good writing friends, because they will make all the difference in the world.

Written by Heather

Heather has been telling stories her whole life. On the urging of some friends she decided to share her stories with the world. Her first book Second Chance at Forever was released in February from Desert Breeze Publishing

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