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finding inspiration….

So I’ve been searching the internet to find pictures of who I think Case and Jessica are for Second Chance Hearts. So without further ado here who I think they are. Case will be played by Jessie Pavelka and Jessica will be played by Mr. Lire’s cousin. What do you think?

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writing inspiration…

I’m constantly on the lookout for images and songs to inspire me while I’m writing. I’ve created boards on pinterest for each of my books. For Second Chance at Happiness there was one image that really spoke to me about who Colin and Brynn were (that image is on the 2nd Chance at Happiness board)…. Read more »

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tv in books…

The other day I wrote a scene where the hero and heroine were having a discussion about sci-fi shows. I have to admit that I took it from a conversation I had with a friend of mine who is a just as much a Dr. Who fan as I am. In fact we love it… Read more »

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new idea…

So DH and I are addicted to the show Sons of Anarchy, and the other day I remembered a story I saw on some real crime show years ago when DH was a cop. It was about a group of 5 ATF agents and how they went undercover in one of the worst biker gangs… Read more »