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It’s been awhile….

Until I logged in this morning I hadn’t realized just how long it’s been since I was on this page…which means the five of you who read this are due and update. Today marks the first day of my summer break. To give you and idea of how the last few months have gone here’s… Read more »

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memorial day: a vignette

This vignette is about Colin. “Don’t you look hot?” Colin looked over his shoulder in the mirror, at the woman who owned him. It was ass-crack thirty and she should still be asleep. “What are you doing up?” Her body swayed and he turned, facing her he wondered that he ever let her out of… Read more »

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I love the Olympics. It doesn’t matter if it’s the winter or the summer games I love everything about them. I love the pagentry of opening ceremonies, watching all the different countries compete in events where the athletes have devoted their entire lives to being Olympians, and the giant party that is the closing ceremonies…. Read more »

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finding inspiration….

So I’ve been searching the internet to find pictures of who I think Case and Jessica are for Second Chance Hearts. So without further ado here who I think they are. Case will be played by Jessie Pavelka and Jessica will be played by Mr. Lire’s cousin. What do you think?